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Zsolnay Cultural Quarter



Barrier-free solutions and available discounts for disabled people in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter's site and most of it's exhibitons are barrier-free, but because of historical reasons the courtyard of the Zsolnay Mausoleum, and some area's of the Quarter could be an exception of this.


There are maps for visitors at several points in the Quarter, and also there are free paper based versions of the maps, located at the Infoponts, which the routes for disabled people are marked with pink dashed lines.


The difference of level on the promenades and courtyards of the Quarter is high, therefore those, who are using a mechanical chair, an assistant might be required. Inside the buildings elevators help you reach your destination.


If you would like to explore the Zsolnay family's former residence and workplace without a tour guide, we would like to suggest you to find an Infopont, where our colleagues will help you find the most suitable route for you.

Barrier-free exhibitons and venues:


  • The Golden Age of Zsolnay - Gyugyi Collection
  • Pink Zsolnay Exhibiton
  • Zsolnay Family and Factory Exhibition
  • Zsolnay Live Manufacture
  • 1861 Glove Manufactory
  • m21 Gallery
  • Planetarium


If you would like to know more of our sightings, download our free mobile application: VisitorGuide, and enjoy our audio guides in hungarian, english or german language. The application can be easily installed to Android and iOS operated smart phones, even prior to your visit.

In case of an Android phone, please visit the Google Play Store, and if you are using an Apple device, please visit the App Store, to download the application. At our venues, scanning the QR codes can give you access to a lot of useful information.


If you would like to visit the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter with a group, please check-in, prior to your arrival at one of these contacts: 
phone: +36 72 500 352 
         +36 20 235 4722

Access and disabled parking:


You can get access with a car from route number 6, coming from the city centre at the south part of the Zsolnay Quarter. There you can find a parking zone, suitable for 210 cars, where there are particular spots for disabled people as well.


From there, you can use the elevator on the ground floor of Room Bistro, which can lead you to that area of the Quarter where you can find exhibitions.


Beside that - in case of check-in before arrival -, there is an option to park inside the Quarter, at the designated spots. At this case, you will have to come from the direction of Felsővámház street, and findt the entrance in Major street.

Disabled toilets in the Quarter:


Alltogether, there are six toilets suited for disabled people, in different buildings at different levels, which can all be accessed easily.


Where are they exactly?

- In the Visitors Centre
- On the secession level of the Gyugyi Collection
- In the building next to the playground with a chute (you can get the key for the building from the security office at Major street)
- In the E78 building at the toilets
- In the building of the Family and Factory Exhibiton
- At the toilets of the street of craft shops