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Zsolnay Cultural Quarter


About the Planetarium

The first optical planetarium of Hungary operated in Pécs since 1975. Today, in the era of digital planetariums it is the city of Pécs that offers a brand new digital experience of the skies from the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

What exactly is the planetarium?

The planetarium is the ’theatre of the sky’ where the exact image of the sky is projected on the cupola ceiling. Neither the time of the day nor the weather affect the quality and experience of the shows. We can see such stars and signs we would otherwise be unable to due to our (light) polluted environment. Thanks to digital technology we can travel the time back in the past or in the future, reaching the most distant corners of the universe.

Planetarium in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

A Digitarium Kappa type projector awaits visitors in the 8-meter cupola. The venue is ready to accommodate 45 people at once and it offers an amazing recreational time for all ages. The primary aim of the planetarium is to spread information on astronomy, space research and other natural sciences. It discusses interrelation and interdependence.

Planetarium 3D tour