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Zsolnay Cultural Quarter


Wedding planning

In addition to the House of Happiness (Boldogság Háza) outstanding wedding venues are available in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, as well as at the Cell Septichora Visitor Centre, at the House of Arts and Literature, and in the Medieval University.

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For a long time only the House of Happiness at Széchenyi was the only venue available for young couples to formally tie the knot. However, due to the changing times, habits and needs there are plenty of options to choose from for those who want to get married. In addition to the legendary House of Happiness, which is still operating, a wide choice of unique locations and a range of services are available.

Slightly further away from downtown, the jewel of Pécs, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter is an increasingly popular venue for couples. The cultural district was implemented under an exceptional and unique project, even with international standards, whereby a new "city" was created within the city.

The outstanding cultural landmarks and institutions od Pécs were placed here in the renovated and converted former factory buildings and their vicinity in an area of some 5 acres. It is no exaggeration to label the moment when the guests visiting for the first time catch a glimpse of buildings, parks and statues of the Quarter with revealed the fourth skyline a breath-taking experience.

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Wedding venues in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter


Rooms: Apostolos Hall, Panorama Hall, E78 Concert Hall.

Open-air venues: Pirogranite Courtyard, Hercules Courtyard, Ginkgo Square.


Apostolos Hall



Panorama Hall



E78 Concert Hall




Pirogranite Courtyard




Hercules Courtyard




Ginkgo Square