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Zsolnay Cultural Quarter


For children

Not wonder that Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs is a popular destination for families, as children together with their parents can enjoy so many experiences thanks to the variety of programs. Countless of creative, amusing, educational and delicious adventures await the visitors!

A Class of Magic

Visitors broaden their knowledge in a playful way through the spectacular physical science experiments. Visitors face delicate issues, wacky chemists, literally (electro) shocking and hair-raising experiences and experiments, and meet Elect Rosy the adventurous lady puppet! There will also be lightning, explosions, rockets, a nearly -200 degree, liquid, plasma-sphere experiments and lots of fun. 


When will the world end? Are there aliens? Was Moon-landing a prank? Visitors who are interested in, can get answers to these questions and many more in the Planetarium of Zsolnay Quarter where expert astronomers will hold entertaining explanatory audio lectures on serious issues combining science and science fiction. Being one of Europe`s most modern planetarium, the venue offers unique visual technique with a dome of eight meters in diameter where not only stars are projected, but also a journey in time and space where even a landing on foreign planets is possible. The Planetarium aims at presenting astronomy and space exploration as popular sciences, as well as its the relationship between arts, history and astronomical aspects.

The Lab – Interactive Magical Space

The "Pécs Palace of Wonders" can provide fun and entertainment by offering a number of games and experiments. From the corner of games through the hall of light to the Tesla Coil, visitors can try a lot of intriguing devices at the lab where touching the items exhibited is a must! 

Chocolate and Candy

In the Artisans’s Shops’ Street Csoko-Láda Chocolate Shop and Nostalgic Candy Store Show attracts the sweet-toothed children and adults, where in addition to goodies, visitors can get a glimpse of the secret of the production process.

A Bird-friendly Garden

It is worth taking a walk in the beautiful garden with children, since the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter was the first institution in Baranya County that was awarded a Bird-friendly garden recognition. The visiting families can met Great tit, Eurasian blue tit, Eurasian tree sparrow, Black redstart, and even Eurasian scops owls and bats, thanks to nesting and hiding places, and feeding and bathing opportunities for the birds developed under the program.
In the garden you can see beautiful plants and old trees, the ginkgo biloba tree in front of the Sikorski house is said to have planted Julia Zsolnay.

Playground and sport

Three high-standard playgrounds inside the gates Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, and street ball courts, table tennis tables and an outdoor chess await families, pre-schoolers and school groups who want to have fun!

Bóbita Puppet Theatre and Puppet Mueseum

Bóbita was established in 1961, led by Lajos Kós, and soon became known for their funny, show-like performances for adults and children. In the three-hall puppet museum kids can try older Bóbita puppets, and learn about the different puppets: they can even take the famous puppets into their hands, including The Racoon, Hermelinke and Gőgös Gúnár Gideon the goose. The central hall hosts temporary exhibitions, while the third room displays the puppets of the founder Lajos Kós