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Zsolnay Cultural Quarter


Zsolnay Adventure Game

Outdoor escape adventures in Pécs

During the Zsolnay Adventure Game, players solve clever tasks in the Zsolnay Quarter. The aim of the game is to introduce the iconic Quarter of the city from the perspective of Vilmos Zsolnay. While the teams try to solve the tasks, they are guided through key stages of Vilmos's life, and the most important stages in the history of the Zsolnay Factory.

The game does not need to be booked in advance, teams can play it anytime within 3 months after purchasing the ticket, during the opening hours of the Zsolnay Quarter.

You don't need anything else to play, just a good company, comfortable shoes, a pen/pencil, a smart device, some mobile internet, and the map we gave you, which you can pick up at the info points of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

Information points:
Zsolnay Quarter Visitor Center, Zsolnay Infopoint & shop opening hours
Maps can be picked up from 0-24 at the Major street gate.

The duration of the game is approximately 120 minutes.

By purchasing a game ticket, a player is entitled to enjoy the adventure once. The maximum number of players is 5.

Further details can be found HERE!