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Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

Zsolnay Negyed |

Pink Zsolnay Exhibition

Everyday miracles in pink

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Pink Zsolnay Exhibition

Everyday miracles in pink


A new and unique exhibition waits for the visitors in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. The exhibition by the title „In the beginning was the pink” belongs to Barnabás Winkler architect, academic and doctor of arts who collected around 1000 pink pieces that in

All its pieces are unique: the handmade artefacts differ in their handles, their spout, their shape or in their glaze finish and colour. The Pink Zsolnay exhibition of Barnabás Winkler is a worthy match of László Gyugyi’s collection entitled the Golden Age of Zsolnay.



The exhibited objects of everyday use were produced in the Zsolnay Manufacture from the mid-19th century. Production was further developed with the help of a technique that was the result of the so-called pink-experiments started in the 1880’s. The pink glazing was used with enhancing quality for all kinds of mass produced objects until the turn of the century. These pieces along with the thin-wall water pipes and terra cotta building ornaments provided the subsistence of the developing plant.

The collection In the beginning was the pink… presents that these articles were handmade in the first few decades, therefore there are no identical ones among them. The pink Zsolnay objects may differ in their spout, handle or shape, but very often in the shade of their glazing as well. The diversity of their similarity is proof of their genuineness and the individual beauty of each piece. The most compelling, however, is the large number of wine pitchers and lard pots together.

Throughout the years the pink articles for everyday use had become popular objects for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and studies alike. As the factory developed, the fully simple, plain shapes of the early stages have turned into more richly decorated – but still pink − pieces. The simple vernacular style of pottery was often enriched with relieves, many times ornamented resembling a stucco, or the pieces were hand painted after burning, thus making them more unique.

The home interior models of the exhibition present the diversity and wide range of use of the pieces.


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LocationZsolnay Negyed |

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