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Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

Zsolnay Negyed |

1861 Glove Manufactory

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1861 Glove Manufactory


In the city of Pécs, traditional glove production has a history stretching back more than 150 years. Its greatness and individuality resides in the fact that during the years it has preserved its philosophy and classical procedures combined with the trends

Visit the Workshop of "1861 GLOVE MANUFACTURE" at Zsolnay Cultural Centre and become acquainted with the phases of traditional craft glove production, have a look at the permanent exhibition on the History of Gloves, try out our interactive tools, watch the birth of the "PERFECT GLOVE" created by human hands step by step. You can buy the "1861" and the luxury HAMERLI gloves collection at the Factory Store.

Heritage, 150th anniversary

The traditional glove-making in Hungary originated in the 19th century, when pioneer János Hamerli established his manufacture in 1861 introducing the noble craftsmanship to the country. During his professional education as a tawer, János Hamerli improved his knowledge at great couturiers of europe aquiring developed artisanal techniques. After he founded his manufacture his gloves were in high demand internationally. He opened shops in Pécs, Budapest and Vienna as well. János Hamerli built up a base for an acclaimed profession in Hungary that time, his legacy evolved to a blooming industry. His name today symbolizes the authentic glove-making providing high-class quality products. HAMERLI was a brilliant professional, he had a good sense of business, a certain penchant of inventiveness and demand for excellence. János Hamerli’s legacy and the cultural heritage of tradtional craftsmanship and artisanal glove-making techniques have undoubtly a moment now. As a homage to the great pioneer, Hamerli presents an exclusive limited series including 150 pairs of Hamerli gloves carrying the 150 years signature button.


Committed to the art of glove-making, Hamerli remains faithful to János Hamerli master glovemaker’s legacy. Noble materials, passionate craftsmen, outstanding know-how are vital parts of our traditional manufacturing process, ensuring excellence of our products. A pair of Hamerli is a fine work of art created by proud artisans. The complex, traditional handcrafting process almost unchanged throughout centuries, includes more than 50 separate stages while a Hamerli, an exclusive masterpiece, is born.

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